My research is primarily in operator algebras, specifically C*-algebras. Currently, my specialized interests are in structural properties of C*-algebras and of maps between them, families of representations of C*-algebras, lifting problems, universal C*-algebras, interplay between discrete/ locally compact Hausdorff groups and their universal associated C*-algebras, and complex algebras associated to twisted groupoids.


K. Courtney, D. Sherman. “The universal C*-algebra of a contraction,” 28 pages, to appear in J. Operator Theory, (arXiv:1811.04043).

K. Courtney, T. Shulman. “Elements of C*-algebras attaining their norm in a finite-dimensional representation,” Canad. J. Math. 71 (2019), Issue 1,
[] (arxiv:1707.01949).

K. Courtney, T. Shulman. “Free products with amalgamation over central C*-subalgebras,” to appear in Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. (arXiv:1809.09134).